I feel better after just a few days of drinking Teeccino

I have had a long history of GI problems. Most recently, this past September, I was diagnosed with Grade C esophagitis. My abdominal pain is persistent and nearly crippling. I had found one supplement that was helping the pain, but was still suffering due to chronic constipation (which I was shocked to learn I had). I had been taking the medications as directed by my doctor, but was still feeling bloated, heavy and uncomfortable. Then I found Teeccino. I am just getting started, but in just a few days, I felt lighter and not at all bloated. What a relief! My husband was so happy when I got home the other day & told him how much better I felt. It was like I lost 10 pounds and got new insoles in my shoes. I am so thankful for your product! I am not a coffee drinker, but it is helping me cut back on soda. I could just hug you guys! Thank you!!!!!!

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