I feel safe drinking Teeccino

I am gluten intolerant. Not the 'I avoid it when convenient' kind of intolerant. The kind of intolerant where people hate to go to restaurants with me and listen to the list of questions of how things were prepared before I dare put anything in my mouth. The 'I would rather go hungry than be sick for three weeks' kind of intolerant. So, when I decided to cut down on coffee and switch to an alternative, I looked carefully. Many substitutes aren't gluten free. The ELISA testing from Teeccino gave me the courage to try it. Not only do I love the flavor as a coffee alternative or love mixing it with coffee, I can drink it without worry. Now, if I see some of the grounds spilled into the brew, I will throw it out and start over as I am just that careful. But after drinking Teeccino for several years now, I have never had a reaction and have no worries about enjoying it daily.

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