I have a huge smile every morning thanks to you!!

I used to be an avid coffee drinker! I would have 2 cups before work and a few stops at the coffee shop during the day. Aug. 31st 2009 was the last morning I was able to drink my cup of coffee. It was in the morning before work. At my first sip I started to feel nauseous. Later that afternoon I found out the I was pregnant! How exciting :) But bummer on the coffee :( I knew it was because of the acid and plus, I didn't want my unborn child to be filled with caffeine! I felt as if my mornings wouldn't be the same until I found Teeccino Java Medium Roast. Not exactly the same, but a healthy alternative that I was willing to try. To my surprise it was WONDERFUL! I was so excited to know that I could have my warm roasted drink anytime without harming my baby. Now my daughter is 1 month old, healthy and not hooked on caffeine. I am choosing to breastfeed her, which still puts me in the no caffeine group, but that is okay because I have Teeccino Java to enjoy without the harmful effects of the caffeine or acid that coffee has. Thank you soooo much Teeccino for such a delicious product!

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