I have been struggling with GERD for several years

I ALWAYS have a cup of coffee in the morning - not for the caffeine boost, but because I like the flavor. I have been struggling with GERD for several years now, and knew that I should give up coffee. It got to the point this week that I HAD to give up coffee, along with several other enjoyable foods like wine and chocolate. I tried drinking various herbal teas, but I'm just NOT a tea lover. So I got online to see what there was out there in the way of coffee substitutes. I had tried a cup of Pero when I was trying to give up coffee years back, but that doesn't even come close to tasting like coffee. Teeccino was at the top of the websites listed, so I read about it and then went shopping. I found Teeccino at both markets I shop at, which I felt was a good sign, so I bought a bag of the Java. I am totally satisfied!! I can once again look forward to getting out of bed and enjoying my morning ritual of a good cup of coffee. I don't know how you could come any closer to making something that tastes like coffee without it being coffee. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful alternative necessity in life!

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