I love sharing

Every time I buy more Teeccino at a Whole Foods store I feel like the good fairy ambassador for freedom! I buy a box or 3 (always leave at least one box for someone searching) then I take it to the coffee bar and ask for a cup of hot water - I tell the barista my story of discovering this coffee substitute and rip open the top and give them one to try. They are ignited every time. I continue to share it with the check out line cashiers and everywhere I go. So far in El Segundo in Santa Monica (they recently quit carrying it but as knowledge grows it will change). That's the key freedom from any drink that's not good for you. As a Southerner, I drank Dr Pepper then Coca Cola with sugar. I became a juice plus member to help one of my kids with food issues. My First healthy fast, someone shared this product and I've been part of the freedom from caffeine since that day. Sharing cups of tea is so fun. Teeccino chocolate is my favorite .

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