I LOVE the taste and no more migraines!

When I was a kid and a young adult, I didn't like coffee and never thought I would. I even worked at cafes when I didn't like coffee. Then out of nowhere, someone introduced me to coffee and I LOVED it! From that point on, I drank coffee. Eventually, coffee was an every day must have for me. Sometimes, coffee was a must have 3 times a day at least. I was so hooked on coffee I practically dreamed about it. I had so many migraines when I skipped coffee for a day or so. I remember saying to my husband, I just need to be hooked up to an IV that sends coffee into my blood stream. I thought I needed to stay off coffee to keep me from having migraines. After a while, I started having even more migraines and having inflamed joints and muscles while I was drinking my coffee. My chiropractor and others strongly recommended I cut caffeine out of my diet. I dreaded going off of caffeine due to the side effects and not getting to have coffee because I love the taste of it. I started tapering down on the caffeine. My chiropractor said I was teasing myself with the tapering down and I just needed to go cold turkey off of caffeine. I heard about herbal coffee. I found Teeccino at a local EarthFare Market. I brewed me a pot of Teeccino and LOVED it. Teeccino tastes delicious. It tastes just like coffee but has so many more health benefits than coffee. I don't miss my coffee at all now that I am drinking Teeccino! No more migraines either. Teeccino made the cutting caffeine transition so easy!

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