I ordered the sample packs and fell in love!

I suffer from kidney stones and recently learned that caffeine and the acids in coffee contribute to mine. I was told to try Teeccino because it didn't have either of those and still had a great taste. I ordered the sample packs and fell in love! I drink coffee all day long. Now I have found the bold coffee taste in Teeccino and continue to drink coffee. I am so excited by this discovery! The flavors are so refreshing because they are not over powering like flavored coffees. I love that it is slightly sweetened and I can drink it black. You have definitely found a new customer for life! I am starting the caffeine removal tomorrow! I'm so excited! And my husband is extremely thankful because he wanted me to quit drinking coffee for my health. He also avoids coffee because of the bitterness, but after tasting Teeccino thought it was great! The bitterness is not there. Thank you so much Teeccino for allowing me to continue my coffee drinking and taking care of my health at the same time!

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