I quit a 3-4 cup a day habit!

Last Fall, my doctor diagnosed me with fibrocystic breast lumps, which were, in part, due to my daily caffeine intake. My only vice at the time was coffee, at a rate of 3-4 cups of bold-roast Java every day! I was heartbroken not because of the painful breast lumps, but because I had to quit my coffee! I recalled that 7 years before when I had my last child, I had switched to Teeccino to replace coffee during my high-risk pregnancy and loved it. So once again, I switched to Teeccino and now plan to be a lifelong customer. I feel less groggy and more fully alert. I am proud to say that I've completely kicked my caffeine addiction and the breast lumps have shrunken tremendously. Thanks for providing this healthy alternative Teeccino!

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