I was diagnosed with GERD

Teeccino has been a wonderful addition to my daily routine. In 2009 I was diagnosed with Gerd(Gastro Reflux Intestinal Disease). My specialist insisted that I should not be drinking coffee because of the acid in it. There were other lifestyle changes in my diet I also had to make. The drinking coffee was the most difficult because I liked my coffee and the sociability; etc. it provided. I then googled what I could use to replace coffee and still have the enjoyment of it. Teeccino came up and so I investigated where I could purchase it and found out that the Co-op Family Food Store in Duluth carried some so bought some there. I then went on the website and started purchasing it from the main headquarters in California and voila; this was the best choice I have made. No caffeine and no acid is the right combination for me! Teeccino is the best for my health!! I still will have an occasional McDonalds cup of coffee but they are few. I love the Teeccino and it has helped my health problems!!

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