I weaned off of coffee with Teeccino

I was able to completely quit coffee by drinking Teeccino. I mostly drank the Java flavor as I felt it most closely resembled coffee. I started drinking it just for fun, but then started using it as a substitute for coffee. I was so worried about getting the caffeine headache if I didn't have enough caffeine in my system. So I started half coffee and half teeccino, then went to 1:3 then 1:4. I stayed at 1:4 for a long time, afraid to give it up entirely. Then finally went to just a wee bit of coffee (maybe a teaspoon) and the rest teeccino. Finally drinking just teeccino I never did get any headaches and I have no further cravings for coffee. And better yet, no reflux heartburn problems like I was having from the coffee. Thank you Teeccino!

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