I wouldn't start my day without it!

It's my happy, healthy body and mind treatment, like my morning meditation and exercise in a bowl. I can count on my regularity (twice a day!!), with the bonus of good-feeling side-effects without any downside. I have noticed my even moods and sustained energy level (til early afternoon), no food cravings, including much less interest in sweets, I'm good to go til late lunch. Then there is the great taste and versatility of use. I've served it as an evening dessert with Greek Honey Yogurt and added fruit, the next morning first thing the smoothest bowl movement, like when I was an athletic teenager, without the pain of cramps or diarrhea that so often accompany harsher alternatives like laxatives. I've tasted muffins made with TeeChia, cookies, and pancakes to rival any others. I've started thinking of it as a possible bread alternative, when it soaks up less water than recommended, the texture reminds me of living Manna Bread, I've put a soft boiled egg on top and it was a great eggs with toast or muffin replacement. I've tried Holy Crap, a cereal up here in Canada that has similar claims and some of the same ingredients without the great flavors or the same level of benefits as TeeChia.

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