Indigestion and sour stomach have gone away!

I decided a little over a year ago that I needed to get off the caffeine, esp. coffee. And I LOVED my coffee. But...It was causing hot flashes and, for the first time in my life, indigestion and a sour stomach. Decaf didn't make any difference. I was very uncomfortable most mornings but was willing to put up with the discomfort because I wanted that coffee. And then I found Teeccino and I am happy to say that all of those issues have gone away (well, mostly -- hot flashes still happen; but not because of coffee & caffeine!). I sleep better, am less irritable, and I don't crave coffee like I used to. Now I look forward to a large mug of Teeccino every morning with a bit of coconut milk -- yum! Oh and I love the Swissgold one cup coffee brewer -- perfect! Thanks for a great product.

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