Interstitial cystitis = No more acidic foods or drinks

I gave up caffeine about 10 years ago. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis, so never again acidic foods or drink. I’m also lactose intolerant and have celiac disease, but fortunately I am a Naturopath and know what to do. Talk about diet restrictions, a few. For me, giving up coffee and tea was miserable. My daughter was introduced to Teeccino by a friend, and she asked me if I would give it a try. I was extremely skeptical, as IC is so painful, and I was concerned, but the package read, caffeine free, not acidic so I tried. It was lovely..but I waited for the IC to rear its ugly head, it didn’t. That was 3 months ago, and I look forward to my mug full each morning. Thank you for sharing this delicious nectar!

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