Less cellulite and no more dry lips!!!

I was a coffee drinker for so many years; I usually had four cups a day. I worked out four days a week never seeing any improvements on my body. One thing I hated the most was the cellulite that insisted on not going away as well really dry lips every season. I read an article on caffeine and some symptoms it can have on certain people. Some signs of too much caffeine was cellulite mostly on women. This is because women have less water in their bodies than men so it's much more important that women hydrate their bodies and stay away from things that can dehydrate you. Since cellulite is a form of bad circulation and dehydration I decided to remove caffeine and put Teecchino into my life. Being on Teecchino for two months now I see less cellulite and no more dry lips!!!! After telling my mother who by the way has diabetes of my new found delight she too has switched and feels a very huge improvement. Thank you Teecchino :)

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