Love Vanilla Nut and Almond Amaretto!

I have been a coffee lover for years and years and never thought in a million would I quit. After reading up about caffeine; I found Teeccino in a online search and quickly ordered my sample. I got Vanilla Nut and fell in LOVE! I ordered a sample of all your flavors to find out which I loved the most. I've been drinking it off an on since then, but the real change came when I gave up sugar a little over a week ago now. My favorite thing was a vanilla latte and once I quit sugar that wasn't possible anymore. I craved it badly though, so one day I made some Teeccino cooled it down and made an iced Teeccino latte with the Vanilla Nut a bit of stevia and some milk. It tasted like the real thing! Teeccino is sweet and sugar free! I love it. I just bought another bag at the store today of Almond Amaretto (another favorite) and can't wait to try my new latte flavor. Thank you for helping me quit sugar with grace Teeccino!!

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