Love You Teeccino!

For many years now I have purchased teeccino from my local HFS and combined it with decaf/or caffeine coffee trying to quit drinking coffee. But I couldn't so I decided to just go to regular coffee and to heck with it. Now I love teeccino but I just need that coffee. Well, just about a month ago I started to think I had to pee all the time. I would get to work and go to the toilet...then a few minutes later the same thing this went on all day and it was driving me crazy. What was wrong? Would I have to get at 64 years I still couldn't imagine I would have to do that. Well this went on for a week and it was interrupting my part time job plus my social time so I decided to just buy my teeccino and quit coffee cold turkey. Well what a difference. I have been able to get through a day with out constantly running to the ladies. I can relax I won't need diapers (so far) plus I haven't had a coffee kick back with headaches or pain as I have heard if you quit cold turkey. I still feel sad that I won't be able to have my two to three cups of hard core expresso every day but then again I love the taste of teeccino. I have just made a large order and got the tea bags so i can have them on the go.

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