Loving Hazelnut Teeccino

I am truly hooked. I am trying to cut out coffee/ caffeine because my husband and I are trying to have a baby. I am one of those serious coffee drinkers who carves out at least an hour each day in the morning even on work days to drink a few cups and have been trying to recreate that taste without the caffeine. I was skeptical when I googled caffeine free coffee because most things that claim they are free are actually not. Plus I was weary of the taste. I went out and bought two bags of the hazelnut flavor and brewed a cup today. I was soooooooo pleased I can't stop talking about it to my husband who is now also relieved that we can stop the research on finding tasty caffeine free coffee for me. Thanks so much for making my coffee dreams come true!! I may drink this forever now and never turn back!

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