My coworkers and I love Teeccino

I am the secretary for a state university library so my office is the place for coffee breaks. Because I found myself not sleeping well, I kept trying to get off coffee, but it was impossible when I was constantly making coffee for staff, sometimes four pots a day. I was on the internet trying to find an old brand of herbal coffee that my mother used to use but found it is no longer available. However, while searching for it, I came across Teeccino. I decided to give it a try, hoping it would taste enough like coffee to help me kick the habit. Well, I loved it! I have now turned most of my coworkers on to this delicious alternative to coffee. We also love the delicious recipes. Thank you so much for this great-tasting herbal coffee that I actually feel good about drinking. Also, my grandchildren can now enjoy the wonderful special coffees too since it there is no caffeine. They love the frappes and mochas.

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