My favorite morning routine

I was always a coffee drinker in my younger years and absolutely loved it - the aromas,the warmth, the flavors. As I got older I started to develop a sensitivity to caffeine. It started out mild - I was still able to drink decaf and iced tea and some sodas, but as time went on it became extreme. Too much chocolate even effected me. So going without coffee for a decade or more, I stumbled upon the Teeccino website. I ordered a sample pack, brewed some up and my herbal coffee romance began. The aromas and flavors that I had long missed once again became a part of my morning routine. There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. I mix three parts chocolate to one part hazelnut and it's fantastic. I fill a coffee thermos every morning and all my coworkers comment on how good it smells. They say the aromas fill the whole building. So, thanks to teeccino and all the research and development that goes into making a fantastic cup of not-coffee, and for making my mornings a little better.

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