My kids love it too

I stopped drinking coffee and non herbal tea when I was trying to have children and all through nursing my two beautiful kids. After I was no longer nursing the smell of my husband's coffee enticed me to drink a cup again. The acidity bothered me even though it never had before. I was deisring a stronger drink that would not bother me in that way and found teeccino in my local Green Grocer. It was great and not only to I enjoy my full bodied drink (both warm and cold by the way) my kids just love it too. My son likes half almond milk half teeccino more than he likes hot chocolate! It's so wonderful to have an alternative to traditional teas when I want something with more substance and I love that I don't have to think about what time of day it is before I drink worring that it will keep me awake at night. Teeccino is a great product with a lot of great flavors. I purchased more flavors and a large bag online since my local store only has a limited line in stock.

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