My migraines are worsened by caffeine

Hello All!! I suffer from a disease many suffer with me..WE NEED A HOT DRINK!! Whether it's in the mornings or on a cold day or we just love the feeling of it in our throats. However, on a more serious note, I cannot have caffeine. I have amazingly terrible migraines that get much worse with even a whiff of caffeine. I have tried MANY hot drinks with absolutely no success. Then the heavens smiled upon me when I stumbled upon Teeccino!! Doubly so when it was made available to me locally..THAT VERY DAY. It craves all my hot drink needs and absolutely NO side effects that I got from other 'decaf' products. My 3 beautiful children ask me for hot STUFF every morning along with me. I adore that I can brew it and not just heat water to add messy 'crystals' hoping they will dissolve. It is absolutely wonderful with powdered creamer especially. I just placed an order for a sample pack to try more flavors. Enjoy your day all !! Sincerely, Yay for HOT STUFF !!

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