My vertigo has drastically reduced

I was a coffee drinker for over 40 years. Not too long ago, I was diagnosed with vertigo and tinnitus. I was told by my doctor to drink decaf coffee instead of regular and that would eliminate my problem. I was having a problem sleeping at night also. I went to a therapist for exercises to eliminate the vertigo. It helped for a while, but I was still suffering. Medication did not help either. I decided to do some reseaerch on caffeine free foods and beverages and found out that decaf coffee containes caffeine. During my search, Teeccino came up as an alternative to coffee. I tried your sampler first to determine which taste was suitable to me. After finding my favorite flavor, I went to the store in my area which is Whole Foods Market and purchased Java and Hazelnut. I must say that since making the change, my vertigo has drastically reduced and I am now able to get a good night's sleep. Teeccino has been a lifesaver for me.

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