No more bladder infections and acne from caffeine!

I used to drink just one cup of coffee in the morning because I loved the taste, it could be caffeinated or decaf for all I cared. Never thought too much of it, I didn't really need it to get me going. One cup wasn't so bad compared to a lot of people, so I thought it was ok. Well, not to get too personal here but I used to have to visit the doctor frequently for reoccurring bladder infections. But a few years ago I switched doctors and she suggested I stop drinking caffeine, to help reduce inflammation which she believed was the cause of the infections. She also said that the caffeine could have been the cause of the mild acne I was always fighting too. That day, I stopped drinking coffee, and even cut out all caffeinated teas. Since my caffeine hiatus, I have not had a single bladder infection and my acne has cleared up!!! Turned out that one small cup of coffee a day made a HUGE difference in my health. I am so grateful for finding Teeccino so I can still satisfy my taste for coffee, and know it's doing my body good.

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