No more caffeine!

My doctors told me to cut out caffeine. You can imagine how devistated I was considering I lived off of coffee!

But when one of my health care professionals said there was a tea that tasted a lot like coffee, I thought I would give it a try. I at first blended it with coffee, then with decaf coffee, and finally just drink it on its own. I have been essentially caffeine free for over one year. I LOVE Teeccino! The health benefits and all the flavors and options, gluten free too, are great to pick from, depending on my mood too!

I feel great without caffeine and drink Teeccino 1-2 times per day. I make it strong in a French press or pour over (tastes better than the tea bags to me) and mix with some foamed almond milk. Yummy!

Thanks Teeccino for your great and healthy product, I'm hooked!

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