No More Tummy Troubles

Prior to even finding Teeccino I was drinking regular coffee religiously. It was almost four years ago when the effects of the acid from coffee caused me some serious gut issues and pain. I started searching high and low for a replacement, but wasn't ready to give up my coffee addiction (I love the flavor of coffee). After a while Google because my bestfriend and I would search high and low for a coffee alternative because I refused to switch over to tea. That's when I found Teeccino. I researched a few videos, read some reviews and took a chance on a few samples. I read how Teeccino is actually a chicory tea that's great for gut health and it doesn't give me the after effects that coffee does. I couldn't have been more excited to make the switch. Now that Teeccino is a daily part of my life I don't have any more issues with my stomach and I'm still able to enjoy that bold coffee flavor. Plus I haven't tried a flavor I don't like. I'm really happy I found you Teeccino.

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