No more wrenching esophogus or stomachaches.

I am a Teecino convert! I never thought I could get off coffee but when my doctor diagnosed me with erosive grade d esophagitis, gerd and ulcers and said I had to, I literally sat in his office and asked him 10 times over - really no coffee!!! I am 52 years old and have drunk coffee since I was 18 years old. It wasn't just the caffeine but the ritual of drinking it. It was comforting to have it. So I weaned off and found teecino- at first I admit it was quite different but when I started drinking it regularly I found that I like it more than coffee now. I add cocunut creamers and half and half and its great. I just could not get into the regular tea drinks - its richer and fuller. Honestly it was life or death as it was pre cancerous situation for me. I now feel good when I get up in the am and rarely have the late afternoon slump. I bring the teabags when I am out so when I am somewhere and I want to have a coffee-instead I order hot water and pay for the cup. I feel part of the friendly ritual and am healthier for it. No more wrenching esophogus or stomachaches. For me to get off coffee is short of a miracle-and one more thing ive always been rather short tempered and now I am so much less agitated by small things. I am also more regular - bowel movements. Hey want to open a teecino cafe in ny? I will design it and run it and we can start a real movement! I am an interior designer- I think it would be great since so many people are now health conscience! Thank you for making such a great product.

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