Now I can't even stand regular coffee

Dear Caroline, I know you probably won't remember me, but I met you at Expo East in Boston in 2008 when I was working for Kopali Organics. I was intrigued by the concept of herbal coffee and enjoyed the sample you gave me but didn't give it much thought after the Expo. Fast-forward 5 years: I am now dating a wonderful man who felt he was addicted to caffeine. If he didn't have his coffee by 10am, he would get a terrible migraine. He hated the idea of being addicted to anything, and that's when I remembered about your product. I went to Whole Foods and brought a bag of Teeccino home. I followed the instructions carefully, slowly increasing the amount of Teeccino while decreasing the amount of caffeine each day. After about 5 weeks, he was drinking 100% Teeccino, and feeling great! He asked me not to tell him when the switch was complete until a few more weeks had gone by; he didn't quite believe it was possible for him to be 100% caffeine-free with no migraines (I never doubted it was possible). He now knows and we both LOVE Teeccino. Our favorite flavors are Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut. The best part is, if we are having a dessert that will go well with coffee, we can have it right before bedtime. We drink it a LOT..and an unexpected side effect for me has been that I now cannot STAND what regular coffee does to me. It never used to bother me before, but now even just half a cup leaves me jittery and with an annoying, buzzing headache. So now, if I'm at Starbucks or somewhere without Teeccino, I order a decaf. Which is GREAT because caffeine is so unhealthy for you! Anyway, I was just writing to say THANK YOU! I'd been meaning to write this for several months (we made the switch back in April) but finally got around to it. Thank you for making such a great-tasting, all-natural, healthy product! Cheers, Anastasia

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