Off my acid reducer and feeling great

Over the past year, I had developed severe acid reflux and was feeling miserable. Giving up all acidic foods and drinks was recommended and my doctor put me on a twice daily acid reducer. I easily gave up soda and wine, but my symptoms were not relieved. I was clinging to coffee as I had tried many herbal teas, but none could replace the deep, rich, full-bodied flavor of coffee. After an internet search for coffee substitutes brought up a link to Teeccino, I gave it a try, ordering the Almond Amaretto. I could tell from the moment I opened the packgage and smelled the fragrant aroma, that I would love it. I have since ordered the sampler package and have loved every flavor I have tried. Teeccino has the rich, deep, full bodied flavor without the acid and caffeine that this 20 year coffee drinker has fallen in love with. I finally have a healthy breakfast drink. I am now 6 weeks without coffee, off my acid reducer and feeling great. Thank you Teeccino.

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