So many wonderful flavors

I've been drinking at least a cup of coffee a day since I was seven years old. As a molecular biology major in college, I found myself drinking upwards of seven cups of coffee each day and entirely losing my circadian rhythm. After experiencing three caffeine related panic attacks, I realized I had a problem. Fortunately, this led me to find Teeccino! After perusing the web for positive reviews, I found the Teeccino sampler. The variety of flavors are absolutely wonderful! Having always been a fan of thick, pungent coffees, Teeccino's robust and rich flavors like Maya Chocolate and Java Herbal Coffee were instant favorites. The Chocolate Mint flavor was like nothing I'd ever had before! It tasted more like a dessert than a breakfast beverage. I love Teeccino, and their website, being a big fan of herbal teas, as well. Thanks!

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