So much more satisfying than coffee ever was

Dr. Rosedale suggests in his book, The Rosedale Diet, that Teeccino is a good coffee alternative. His diet is the only one that helps me lose weight with my thyroid issues (although he wrote it for diabetics); so after a couple of months of trying to follow his diet and continue to drink coffee, I decided to give in and give Teeccino a try. WOW! It has helped me stay on the diet; and is so much more satisfying than coffee ever was - no acid backup or aftertaste, and because of Teeccino, I discovered Kat James and her approach to losing weight, which (along with Rosedale) has helped me lose over 30 lbs. so far. She uses the phrase to find what scratches your itch. I recommend Teeccino to anyone who wants the pleasure of drinking a hot cup of coffee in the morning, at your desk, after a delicious dinner, or in the evening - it really does scratch the itch! I also love the milk frother you sell. I use it with half and half for a special treat!

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