Superior to coffee

I am so very happy to have stumbled upon this delicious coffee alternative. I am an RN and started my coffee habits when I was 19 and working crazy shifts. Well 32 years later I have slowly weaned my self from coffee to maybe 3-4 cups a day, but it is was really hard to find anything to replace the warmth and comfort of coffee as well as the perceived kick it gave me. Well over the last several months I have been trying to improve my overall health and nutrition and have adopted a nutritarian/vegan lifestyle and in doing so I found teeccino and what an absolute suprise to find this aromatic, well tasting non caffeinated drink that in my opinion is far superior to the drive by and walk in coffee stores that everyone clamors to. It is my wish that when offered a warm beverage instead of saying coffee or tea, it should be coffee, teeccino or tea? Thank you much for this product.

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