Teeccino actually tastes BETTER than coffee!

For more than 10 years, I was a die-hard Starbucks fan and could not imagine anything coming close to the satisfaction I got from a flavored latte or mocha. My body was also very acidic and my health was deteriorating. Then one day I discovered Vanilla Nut Teeccino in a local health store and tried it as part of a more alkaline, healing diet. Using almond milk and, if I was in the mood, a few flavored stevia drops, I was shocked to find I had the same satisfaction from my old Starbucks and actually liked the taste BETTER. It's then that I realized my addiction to what I thought was the best tasting coffee was actually making me sicker and costing me more money for no reason. Love the many Teeccino varieties and hope they introduce an Irish Cream one soon! :) Thank you for an incredible product!

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