Teeccino Dandelion coffee substitutes are the closest thing to real coffee

I was having trouble with the acid in coffee. I tried everything, adding baking soda to the pot when I brewed coffee, buying coffee with lower acid content. Nothing worked. I finally had to give it up. That was hard. I love a good robust flavored coffee. So I tried the coffee substitutes. That didn't satisfy me. I really don't enjoy the roasted barley. Then I came across your website advertising Dandelion Roast Coffee and I ordered some Mocha flavored and some Vanilla Nut flavored. I love it! It is the closest taste to real coffee that I have found. When I add my Hazelnut creamer to it I feel like I can now enjoy a good cup of coffee. Thank you for making this product. Now I don't feel deprived of my morning cup of coffee.

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