Teeccino does not aggravate my acid reflux

I want to take a moment to comment on your Teeccino Herbal Coffee. I suffer from GERD. I have had chronic acid reflux for years. In April 2010 I had an endoscopy which revealed esophagitis and gastritis. My acid problem had gotten much worse. It was then that I knew I had to be serious about changing my diet in order to help relieve the symptoms of GERD. One of the things I had to eliminate from my diet was coffee. I love my morning cup of coffee and did not know how I would give it up. I tried tea but never being a tea lover I soon gave this up. I finally decided to go on-line to see if there was a coffee substitute I could try. I came across you're website and your coffee sounded great for me to try. I managed to find the coffee at a local store in Chino Hills called Henry's Produce. Well, I did not mix the teeccino with regular coffee, my first cup was all teeccino. At first I did not like it. But over a period of about two weeks the taste began to grow on me. Now it is June 2010 and I can say that I love your coffee! I think it taste delicious and I have no intention of ever drinking regular coffee again. It is gentle on my stomach, taste great and it does not aggravate my acid reflux like coffee always did. I am so thankful that I found Teeccino! I only wish that I had known of this product sooner. Thank you for letting me share this with you and God Bless You.

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