Teeccino for GERD/LPR diagnosis

I had been suffering for years in what I was told were pollen/dust allergies, and Claritin/Flonase did nothing, but recently changed my diet to gluten free, dairy free, and cut all acids, caffeine, sugars, carbonated beverages, etc. After a z-pack to cure bacterial bronchitis from these allergy complications, I am pretty sure I have GERD/LPR, not dust/pollen allergy. I tried to quit coffee many times as my body went haywire with the acids, and I could not get pregnant til I quit coffee also. So, now I am coffee free and living my best life, with no health issues. I am so thankful a product that tastes so much like coffee exists. I love it with a splash of coconut or nut milk to make it English style, and always in my hydroflask mug!

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