Teeccino has changed my life

I wanted to let you know that your product has improved the quality of my life so much - in fact, it has changed my life! I found an ad for Teeccino in a health magazine and tracked it down at my Whole Foods. I did just what you recommended - I gradually introduced it with my regular coffee and eventually was drinking just Teeccino. I have gotten my mother and 4 of my friends to be believers. My favorite is the Vanilla Nut, my mom loves the Chocolate Mint and everyone else adores Amaretto. I also enjoy the Mocha. I just cannot rave enough about your product. Reducing caffeine was always met with "just try tea". Well, tea is not what coffee drinkers want! I have gradually brought some coffee back into my Teeccino but not nearly what I was drinking before. I just cannot tell you enough how fantastic your product is. I love it and love my life with it. That might sound strange but your product gives me options and a sense of choice instead of being a slave to coffee. Thank you and never stop making it!

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