Teeccino is a miracle!

I have been an avid coffee lover for years. A bit of cream and honey in that hot cup (well, more like 3 cups) of java to greet the morning, what could be better? I am a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Massage Therapist. I know the adverse effects that caffeine has on our bodies and minds, but did not want to see it for myself. One day I Googled naturally caffeine free drinks that taste like coffee and that's how I found Teeccino. I ordered a sample pack and switched to decaf coffee to taper off caffeine until the Teeccino arrived. Teeccino is a miracle! I don't miss the caffeine at all. Most of all I still get the same warm, cozy feeling when I settle in for that morning greeting. I also wanted to cut back on the sweets and have been able to delete the honey! The flavor of Teecino is incredible! Thank you sooooo much for your ingenuity! I love the fact that your offer single serve packets so I can have it anywhere. Ever so gratefully yours, Andrea RN,LMT

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