Teeccino is satisfying my craving for coffee

I have loved the taste of coffee for many years. I became so addicted to coffee, I would get a bad caffeine headache if I didn't get my coffee. But recently, because of esophagus issues, I had to find something with the coffee taste, without the caffeine. I am not even permitted decaffeinated coffee. I have Lower Esophageal Sphincter problems where caffeine weakened said sphincter. This allows my stomach contents to move up and out with ease. Even though I love herbal tea, this wasn't cutting it when I wanted or needed the coffee taste. It even stimulated my vagous nerve, stopping my heart. So you see, I really needed something to satisfy the craving for coffee, which Teechino has tastefully done. I am still trying the different flavors and I am pleasantly surprised with each one. Thank you for producing such a healthy, tasty coffee with no caffeine. I love them... Sincerely, Teresa Kelly

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