Thank you for a great product.

I'm 63 and have always been grateful for good health. A severe case of sciatica hit me like a ton of bricks eight months ago. When I discovered I had a severe vitamin D deficiency, along with other abnormalities in my bloodwork, I began a nutritional regimen under a nutritionist's care which called for eliminating coffee from my diet. Yikes -- this was radical! Two cups of coffee was my normal jumpstart with more during the day if I was with friends. When I found Teecino in the health food store, I figured it was worth a try. Now I buy it regularly and have a cup when I feel that urge for a hot drink. It seemed pricey until I discovered the coupon in each box. I'm glad to see you are marketing it more widely. Our local Texas-based grocery store has even started carrying it and I let them know how happy I am that they stock it.

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