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I have been a coffee drinker for 18 years. It started out a necessity because my office was always ice cold and I had no way to turn up the heat in just my part of the corporate America building. Of course as the years passed I began to NEED the coffee.... out of habit and out of the highs and lows of drinking caffeine all day long. I recently completed a program that reset my entire body and it's organs on a cellular level. The first thing to go was coffee and caffeine. I never paid attention to how acidic coffee is and how much it keeps the body in an inflamed state. I didn't miss the caffeine during the reset but I missed the warm, creamy experience of coffee. I drank hot green tea through the whole reset but still missed the coffee experience. So, day 22 I couldn't wait to have coffee. Eagerly awaiting that first sip of a nice, hot, creamy cup of coffee, I prepared my favorite coffee. Unfortunately it was not well received by my mouth or body at all. It tasted like pure vinegar.... hence the acidity I could now taste because my taste buds had been reset as well. The natural flavor of seeds and vegetables; and grains was all I wanted. During the reset program it was suggested that we try Teeccino herbal coffee to satiate that coffee craving. Realizing that I could/would not drink that horrible tasting coffee anymore, I ordered Teeccino sampler pack. Oh my gosh..... It is so much better than I ever thought possible. I just love it! I love being able to drink it all day long and it doesn't affect my sleep, it tastes divine, and there are options for flavors as well. It's just perfect. I haven't had a cup of coffee in 3 months!!!!

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