Thankful for my "chicory coffee" and Teeccino

About 2 years ago I began to have reflux and ulcer pain. After a couple of procedures to determine I had gastric ulcers, my doctor told me to drop the caffeine. coffee? How would I function?
Well as it turns out with some research into chicory, I stumbled over Teeccino. I was sold! It was so nice to have a hot cup of "coffee" without having terrible stomach pains and all of the problems that go with it. I tell all my friends about Teeccino and now I even am an Ambassador. I recently went to a friend and Family gathering and was able to share my samples. I had at least 10 people tell me how happy they were to see this product. We shared stories about how soothing and happy it was to drink.
I try to inform people of the options available. Many people are hesitant but once they try it, they dont look back. Thank you again.

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