The search for the perfect coffee alternative is over!

I just wanted to let someone know how happy I am that I found Teeccino. For years I have looked for a satisfying coffee alternative, and finally I have found it with Teeccino. I love the tangible energy boost and health benefits of Teeccino as well as the fact that it brews right in my coffee maker. I also love that unlike coffee or tea, Teeccino does not discolor or leave an unhealthy dark brown stain in my mug. I did not think that there were other people who wanted a coffee substitute, so no one would ever create a high quality, reasonably priced and attractive packaged product. Ever since I discovered it, I drink Teeccino every day, and I offer it to almost everyone that comes over. The majority of people are very impressed with the strength and taste of Teeccino.I have only tried two flavors so far, but I am so impressed with your product that I wanted to let someone know how much I enjoy it. Regards, Andrew F.

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