When coffee roughs you up, put Teeccino in your cup!

I have lived with acid reflux and a host of accompanying stomach issues for a long, long time...in my teens and 20s I hardly paid any attention to it, but was always embarrassed when my bloated stomach was impossible to hide. Predictably, as I got older, things got progressively worse. Not only was the bloating and heartburn impossible to ignore, but I started to notice that my throat felt raw after drinking coffee, which had been an on-and-off (mostly on) staple in my daily routine for years. For awhile I would either stop drinking coffee, limit myself to a cup per day (or less), or switch to tea, but inevitably I always came back. After a particularly bad weekend in which my throat stayed raw for several days after my last cup, I finally decided that I ought to look for an alternative. Thankfully, I found Teeccino relatively quickly - thanks, internet! - and tried a sampler pack right away. At first I was concerned because I wasn't sure that my throat felt any better after drinking my first few cups, but after a week or two I noticed that I was in pretty good shape. The variety of flavors, the option to put grounds in the coffee maker or use tea bags (which is great for work), and the relatively speedy delivery have all been good, but the best news of all is that the stuff tastes pretty great. I wouldn't go so far as to say that it tastes "just like coffee", but when black tea just isn't doing it for you, Teeccino has multiple options that can fill that gap in your life. My acid reflux and stomach issues aren't magically gone or healed, but I can affirmatively cross off coffee from the list of contributors. I'm glad I found Teeccino, I'm glad it is what it says it is, and I'm glad that my shopping experience on the website and with customer service has been very pleasant. I rarely take the time to do things like this (fill out testimonials online, or otherwise provide positive feedback on stuff I use and like), so I hope it connects. Finally, I would love to see Teeccino at my local grocery store - hopefully something like that can be in the works!

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