Without your health you have nothing.

Since my days as a college student I was always known as Mr. Coffee I just could never get enough of coffee and the high it seemed to give me. As I became older and started working 12hr shifts in the hospital (critical care nurse) my coffee habit grew stronger. The large amounts of caffeine began to take its toll on me as I started to suffer from insomnia, recurrent infections, blood sugar instabilities, mood swings, and the list goes on. My love affair with coffee was just too much to give up. It took several attempts but I have finally kicked the habit and I have Teeccino to thank for that. Now my energy levels are stable, I sleep better, and I no longer suffer from headaches. As a health care professional, I would recommend Teeccino to anyone that is wanting to give up the bean and improve their health. Without your health you have nothing. God Bless, Tracey RN

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