KimTeeccinoAmbassadorKim has really been getting out there as an Ambassador since she started back in June, and we want to thank her for her enthusiasm and commitment to the no-caf cause! After one of her first events, Kim wrote us in her report:
“Samples went FAST at my Convention last week!  It was held at Johns Hopkins and I was out by day two. Teeccino was especially popular at the evening breaks. People are really loving this product … and can’t believe how much it tastes like coffee!”
Kim told us after another round of events, “Seems there are people everywhere trying to kick the caffeine habit and find a healthy alternative to their long-time coffee addiction. I find the “Tee” bags are a great way to share Teeccino with people as I can just hand out a few samples along with the coupon/brochure as I’m on the go. Any I’ve had left from past events I use to refill the small sample trays and set up small sample station at the local women’s fitness center I go to and the colon care center. The owners at both have reported that the samples were very well received and requested a refill when I get extras!”
Kim told us a little bit about herself and what motivates her – “Early this year I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue (on top of hypo-thyroidism) and have since been actively working to reverse that…and in so doing I happen to meet a lot of others concerned with the same issues as me. Therefore I meet lots of people who would benefit from Teeccino…whether it be at my local fitness or colon care center, adrenal support group, weekly farmers market, and a host of other social events in-between.”
Thank you so much for being a Teeccino Ambassador, Kim! It’s just wonderful that as a former “longtime hardcore Starbucks junkie” – you are making such a difference for yourself and others by going no-caf!
If you would like to be a Teeccino Ambassador in your community, just let us know by taking this brief questionnaire and watching our online Webinar with CEO Caroline MacDougall. You could be sharing Teeccino at your next event…and we’d love to have you join us!

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