Ellen and guests, enjoying brewed Teeccino and Tee-bags!

Ellen is a holistic health coach and a new Teeccino Ambassador who served and shared Teeccino samples at a recent meeting. She reported back to us about her event, saying:

“The event went great. It was our annual planning meeting for the coming year for our group. I brewed a small pot and then filled the airpot with hot water and had plenty of flavors of Tee-bags. They were a big hit. People were surprised at how nice the flavor was of a ‘coffee alternative!’ I also had the information cards and $1.00 off coupons which everyone appreciated. A few attending are gluten free, one with Celiac so it was nice to reassure her that the Dandelion Teeccino was gluten free. Love the Ambassador program. Its easy and fun to share.”
Thanks, Ellen! We absolutely adore the photos you sent and we really like how you served Teeccino grounds and Tee-bags using your official Ambassador airpot! Thank you for joining us as an Ambassador for Teeccino Ellen…we’ll look forward to supporting your future events.
Teeccino Ambassadors is a program for our most dedicated fans. You can join us as a Teeccino Ambassador and make requests for samples to share at events – large or small. We’ve sent Teeccino for events like book clubs, office lunches, sci-fi conventions, health fairs, holiday parties and church events!  It’s simple to get started with a quick survey and if selected, we’ll send you a link to watch the Ambassador Webinar online at your convenience!
Become an Ambassador for a fun and easy way to share your love of Teeccino with others…plus special deals, discounts and cool company swag!

Find out more about Ellen at ellenbernstein.com


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