Ellen – setting up the Teeccino station!

Ellen is a health coach and longtime Teeccino Ambassador who recently shared Teeccino with a group of 35 at a summer retreat. Ellen told us in her report:
“I attended a 4 day training event at a beautiful retreat in Pennsylvania in July. It was attended by acupuncturists, massage therapists and other body work therapists. All stayed there and ate all of our meals there together, so it was a perfect venue to take and talk about Teeccino!”

“I knew there were a couple of women who had celiac and others who were gluten sensitive. I made sure I had the Dandelion tee bags for the celiac women and a variety of flavors for everyone. The response was overwhelmingly positive! The meals that were prepared for us every day were vegetarian and wonderfully nutritious but the coffee pot was going all day. There was a large 42 cup pot of coffee going all day and a 42 cup pot of hot water. I put my Teeccino bags and coupons out and talked to the group about them. The main lecturer/teacher has celiac and was happy to try the Dandelion. But my biggest fan was the kind woman preparing all the delicious mount-eden3meals. She said she used to be a heavy coffee drinker and when she went off coffee 3 months earlier she had such terrible withdrawal, she vowed never to go back to it. She admitted she missed it, so I had her try the French Roast and she was thrilled. She is going to order the 5 bag of ground Mediterranean French Roast. She was so happy to enjoy her flavorful “coffee” drink without going back to coffee. I am going back to the same venue in 2 weeks and hope to take more samples and get a picture of her with a cup of Teeccino.” ❤
teeccino1So fantastic, Ellen! We truly can’t thank you enough for your detailed report – and we are so glad you were able to share the Teeccino blends with everyone there. THANKS for the fabulous photos as well! We look forward to supporting your next event!
You can enjoy the perks of being a Teeccino Ambassador by taking our quick survey and watching our Webinar – a history of Teeccino and info on its health benefits, hosted by our CEO Caroline MacDougall. Once you’ve seen the Webinar, it’s easy to request samples online for your event!

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