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5 reasons we’re trading coffee for mushrooms

Hey there! Curious about switching up your coffee routine? We're here to spill the beans (or should we say, mushrooms?) on why mushroom coffee is the new craze. It's not just about sipping something different; it's about enjoying every cup with a smile, knowing you're on a healthier, more eco-friendly path. Ready to find out what's brewing with this mushroom magic? Let's get into it!


Mood boosting adaptogens + nootropics

Mushrooms are renowned for their health-boosting properties. By trading regular coffee for mushroom coffee, you get an enhanced cup packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support overall wellness, immune health, and vitality


Natural energy / no jitters

Mushroom coffee provides a smoother, more balanced energy boost compared to traditional coffee. The adaptogenic properties of mushrooms help regulate stress and fatigue, allowing for a sustained energy lift without the typical caffeine jitters or crash.


It tastes great

Unlike other Mushroom Coffees, Teeccino places a high priority on taste. Our blends are carefully crafted, using roasted herbs and spices that meet earthy mushrooms, creating a unique experience for your palate. With no coffee beans in the mix, we focus on a harmonious blend of herbal ingredients that deliver a smooth and satisfying taste. It's the perfect choice for those moments when you want to savor a coffee-like experience with a healthful twist.


Eco-friendly sustainable choice

Opting for mushroom coffee is a step towards sustainability. Mushrooms require less water and resources to grow compared to traditional coffee beans, making them a more environmentally friendly option


Your gut will thank you

Teeccino's mushroom coffee is more than just a warm, comforting beverage; it's a gentle hug to your digestive system. With its natural prebiotic properties, each cup helps support a healthy gut, promoting better digestion and absorption of nutrients. So, not only does it taste great, but it also works quietly in the background, taking care of your gut health with every sip.

4.6/5 rating - 13,000+ Reviews!

Loved by Thousands

5/5 rating

No Side Effects!

"Love everything about this coffee. Taste delicious and no side effects. I’m so glad I gave a try. Forever costumer."

Daiva L.

5/5 rating

No Mushroom Taste!

"A friend told me about the benefits of mushroom coffee. She said it takes some getting use to, but what Teeccino offers is wonderful. It’s slightly sweet, so I don’t need additional sweetener. I will be buying more!"

Hilary L.

5/5 rating

INCREDIBLE Focus, Energy!!!

Try it. I've weaned down to 1/2 Teeccino 1/2 coffee - delicious, aromatic, game-changer!

Jacqueline O.

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