Natural Flavors - Are They Good For You?

By Caroline MacDougall, February 21, 2013

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21st March 2023

Do any of the natural flavors contain sugar alcohols or Erythritol? Are the flavors extracted in the same way that Erythritol is made? I’m curious as to whether the processing to extract the flavors can render a compound harmful that would otherwise be safe in its whole form direct from nature.

31st October 2022

Very informative, thank you! I have had a big “?” in my mind about natural flavors for a while now. I appreciate the thoroughness of this article. I will avoid natural flavors in generic products and not worry about them in organic products. Keep up the good work!!

12th September 2022

Does your natural toasted maple flavor contain any animal products or sugar?

14th August 2022

Very interesting. I’m wondering how you’re evaluating allergens, though. Are you limiting yourself to the FDA list of eight major allergens that must be on labels, or are you including other ingredients that can be allergens to many people outside of that list. For example, corn is a common ingredient in making natural flavors, is that in any of your products? Thanks!