Regenerative Agriculture: Soil & Trees Can Save The Planet

By Caroline MacDougall , April 21, 2020

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Jacqueline Boyd
20th July 2023

My daughter & I live out in the country on an old homestead in the mountains of Virginia. We recycle, repurpose, regenerate, compost, etc. We raise egg laying hens, have 3 goats & grow organic gardens & raised beds full of vegetables, fruit trees & herbs. My daughter owns/operates The Red Cottage Apothecary & I live next to her helping to raise my 3 grandbabies & help where needed in the business & on the homestead. We love good coffee & I’ve switched to almost 100% Teeccino. Wondering if there is any benefit to adding the grounds into the soil of our plants, including houseplants, flowers, and all the edibles, as opposed to just tossing them into the compost pile or garbage can. Just couldn’t find that info online so thought I would reach out & just ask. Thanks so much